Four Motors for Europe

Position Paper : Cohesion Policy

Since 1988 the four Regions have contributed to strengthening the role of the Regions within the European Union, with the objective of increasing the visibility of economic, scientific, academic and cultural players in their territories.

Today, after 29 years of collaboration, the Four Regions reaffirm their commitment and sincere desire to contribute to the establishment of multi-level governance within the European Union. The Four Motors consider that regional policy is an essential tool to encourage cohesion at European level, in particular to maintain the competitiveness of the continent.

In the forthcoming of the future cohesion policy post-2020, the delegations of the 4 Motors in Brussels met on 8 June 2017 with European Commission members . The meeting was attended by European Commissioners cabinet members,  G. Oettinger (Budget and Human Resources), C.Cretu (Regional Policy) and Mr Thyssen (Employment, Social Affairs, Competence and Worker Mobility). Technical experts from the four regions presented their vision of future cohesion policy and ensure that their interests were preserved. It was the opportunity to develop the major points of the position paper of the 4 Regions which aspire to simplification, a balance between financial instruments and structural funds or the maintenance of European territorial cooperation.

You may consult the position paper signed by the Presidents of the Regions here.