Four Motors for Europe

Four Motors for Europe and Associates – Network Dialogue “Electric mobility and future transport technologies”

Mobility of the future is automated, connected and electrified. Megatrends, such as increasing global warming, the finite nature of our resources, the growth of urban areas and increasing standards of living impose new demands on mobility of people and goods. Concepts for sustainable mobility solutions, in which electric mobility is one of the key elements, are required to cope with these challenges and, at the same time, create economic growth.

Electrification and digitalisation of transport lead to an enormous shift in the automotive industry and progressing merger with technological developments in the energy and IT sector. The technology change towards future transport solutions creates major challenges and significant economic opportunities for industry players across Europe.

As strong and innovative industrial regions, the Four Motors for Europe provide an ideal framework for a successful industrialisation and deployment of sustainable transport technologies in Europe. With dedicated strategies, innovative cluster networks and relevant project initiatives, all member regions are European frontrunners in the development of the future transport system. At the same time, all regions face similar economic challenges in the ongoing process of electrification and digitalisation in the mobility sector.

In 2010, the Four Motors for Europe established a regular dialogue of innovation clusters and networks in the field of future transport technologies. The network dialogue “Electric mobility and future transport technologies” brings together experts from cluster networks, public institutions and research institutes from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Baden-Württemberg, Catalonia and Lombardy as well as associated partners from Flanders (Belgium) and Noord-Brabant (Netherlands).

Regular meetings of the network dialogue “Electric mobility and future transport technologies” provide the basis for a continuous exchange of information and experience on the development of future transport technologies in the Four Motors for Europe. At the same time, the partners initiate cross-border activities and projects to support the development of future transport solutions in Europe. Meetings with representatives of the European Commission in Brussels, joint projects proposals as well as conference and trade fair participations are just a few examples of activities in the network dialogue. In 2014, the Four Motors for Europe also visited the Canadian region of Québec with a joint mission on electric mobility.

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Photo: © e-mobil BW / Alexander Louvet