Four Motors for Europe

Catalonia, President of the Four Motors for Europe

From January 23, 2015 to May 9, 2016, Catalonia took on the presidency of the Four Motors for Europe with the aim of promoting a new economic model based on innovation, smart specialisations and models of productions more respectful of sustainable development. Information and Communication Technology, gaining more and more importance as a means of progress, were the central theme of the Catalan presidency.

The programme of the Catalan presidency also established a serie of priority themes (cluster policy, green economy, culture, etc.) to give content to the collaborative actions and projects, and to stimulate the life of the network both in Europe and in the world.

ICT : main theme of the Presidency

Catalonia is a world reference in the field of innovation. In 2014, the European Commission chose Barcelona as the European capital for innovation, and it is also one of the model for smart cities. Since 2011, Barcelona has been the world capital for mobile technology – a high-tech field that attracts many important investments and with a great impact in every economic sector. On this matter, Catalonia established Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisations (RIS3CAT) focuses on the creation and the development of innovative projects. ICT policies are nonetheless a shared challenge between European countries as they have lost part of their leadership position in strategic fiels such as mobility. Hence the will of Catalonia to take advantage of its great standpoint in ICT to steer the efforts of the Four Motors and to take up this shared challenge.