Four Motors for Europe

Associated Regions

The network of the Four Motors for Europe is flexible and open. It includes occasionally but with regularity regions with similar characteristics on specific themes. This network is called the “Four Motors and Associated Regions.”

The Associated Regions do not take part in the governance directed by the Four Motors, although they take part in the working groups, and the actors of theses territories collaborate both administratively and financially to the projects.

The current Associated Regions are Flanders, Malopolska (Poland), Quebec and Wales.


Flanders is the Region in the northern portion of Belgium where Dutch is used. It is located between the Netherlands and France and represent about 45% of the Belgian territory.

Flanders is a dynamic region, especially at the university level. It possesses a large  network of roads, railways and harbours.

Flanders has been an associated partner of the Four Motors for Europe for many years. It contributes actively to the working group on economy of the Four Motors for Europe.


The Region of Malopolska is located in the south of Poland, near the frontier with Slovakia and Czech Republic. With 3,25 billion inhabitants (8,5% of the Polish population), the voivodeship of Malopolska ranks as the fifth richest region of Poland, with the lowest rate of unemployment of the country. The region of Malopolska is very dynamic in areas such as higher education, industry and tourism.

Associated with the Four Motors, the Polish Region of Malopolska carried out actions for the EU project ECREIN+ (European Clusters and Regions for Eco-Innovation Network). Malopolska is also part of the working group on economy of the Four Motors for Europe. Additionally, the partnership focuses on training and employment.


Quebec is the largest region of Canada by area. With 1 667 712 km² of territory, it possesses 15% of the Canadian land – more than twice the size of France. Quebec gathers 8 155 334 inhabitants (23% of the Canadian population) and its GDP represents 332 billion Canadian dollars (19,7% of the Canadian GDP).

In October, Quebec signed a declaration of partnerships and became an Associated Partner of the Four Motors for Europe. Quabec takes part in the working group on economy of the Four Motors for Europe and in the Cluster Dialog


Wales is one of the four countries forming the United Kingdom. It is a peninsula located in the west of the UK with a surface area of about 20 800 km² and 3 063 456 inhabitants.

Wales is part of the Four Motors and Associated Regions Network, as an Associated Partner. It takes part mainly in the working group on economy and in the Cluster Dialog.